Cutting Edge Carpentry UK ltd: Kitchen and Bathroom Designs in Kidderminster

Cutting Edge Carpentry UK ltd: Kitchen and Bathroom Designs in Kidderminster

If you are looking to create your dream bathroom or a modern, stylish kitchen, it is worth taking the time to do it right; after all, new bathrooms and kitchens are significant investments. You will use them every day, maybe for a very long time, so you need to feel comfortable in these rooms. The first step is deciding what it is you need before combining that with what you want. At Cutting Edge Carpentry, our experts can guide you in making those decisions.

Bathroom and kitchen consultations in Kidderminster

Before you consult with a designer, make a detailed assessment of what is achievable for your bathroom and kitchen. Produce a checklist of desirable ideas that you can take to the designer. You are the best person to identify what it is your house needs to make it work for you. We have a team of designers who are mindful of being attentive to your requirements and turning them into options and features. If you want a contemporary bathroom, we could suggest a modern walk-in-shower complete with a heated bathroom mirror among other features. Our team of carpenters in Kidderminster can craft stunning bespoke vanity units for a traditional bathroom suite, or stylish kitchen cabinets for a sleek appeal. By having a team of specialists in every aspect of bathroom and kitchen upgrading, we can provide a host of options for you.

Bathroom and kitchen installation in Kidderminster

When you are happy with the design and your new bespoke kitchen or bathroom has been manufactured, we will set a date for fitting. We will arrive promptly and take all necessary precautions to capture any mess that occurs from the renovation. If there is any building work required, such as wall removals, our team of builders in Kidderminster is City and Guilds Accredited, and excellent at what they do. All of our builders are polite, hardworking and deliver high-quality work using the best materials. When the installation is complete, we will leave the area clean and tidy. We’ll also have a walk around the new kitchen or bathroom with you to check you are satisfied with our work.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations in Kidderminster
If a brand new bathroom or kitchen is more than your budget can currently stretch to, there are cheaper options to freshen a dull room. By replacing only the cupboard doors in a kitchen, you can revitalise it without breaking the bank. Or just by replacing several worktops you can invigorate the overall look. The same principle works in bathrooms. You can replace faucets, sinks or toilets independently to achieve a renewed feel. Even having one of our carpenters replace the skirting boards in a kitchen or bathroom can make a vast improvement. We can advise on any ideas you might have about renovating your bathroom or kitchen and provide a solution at a competitive rate.

So why do people use us?

One of the observations customers frequently relate to us is that we deliver on precisely what we said we would. And that means arriving on time, finishing by the deadline and on budget. It also means that our complete focus on the needs of the customer is paying dividends. We are attentive to their requirements and dedicated toward delivering them. If you have any kitchen, bathroom, carpentry or just general building needs, get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you.