Investing in your future – Our new bathing range

Investing in your future – Our new bathing range

Adapting your bathroom to help with mobility issues due to illness or disability will provide you with the independence and confidence to achieve a higher quality of life. If you are unable to use a conventional bathroom design, then adaptations such as walk-in baths, level entry showers, handrails and fold-down seats, will transform your bathroom into a space that is safe, functional and attractive.

Clever Designs

A small bathroom can present challenges when dealing with flexibility and mobility, but careful planning and clever designs will provide you with a bathroom that is perfectly customised to meet the needs of you and your family.

Adaptation Options

  • walk-in baths
  • accessible showers with seats
  • wet rooms
  • lowered sinks with easy to use taps
  • grab rails
  • assisted toilet
  • anti-slip flooring
  • switches moved to accessible heights

Walk-in Baths
Low level, easy access walk-in baths provide comfort and style allowing you to relax and enjoy independent living.

Accessible Showers
Level entry showers with seating and grab rails are an ideal solution for people with mobility problems.

Wet Rooms
A wet room is one of the most effective adaptations for wheelchair users and those with decreased mobility offering easy access with a modern design.

Assisted Toilets
Raised height toilets are available to accommodate wheelchair users.

Lowered Sinks
Simple alterations such as lowered sinks can make everyday tasks easier.

Non-slip Flooring
Non-slip flooring is an essential adaptation to keep the family safe and prevent falls in the bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories
Grab rails, shower stools, folding seats, shower screens, and easy to use taps, are all available to make adapted living as safe and user-friendly as possible.

Cutting Edge Bathroom Adaptations
At Cutting Edge we will meet with you in order to find out your individual requirements and tailor a bathroom adaptation design to suit your specific needs. Our interior design team will provide you with a new bathroom that will help you to maintain your independence with confidence.

Modern adapted bathrooms are available in a range of stylish options that provide a warm and welcoming space and may add value to your property.

Contact Cutting Edge today for further information about our bathroom adaptation designs.