The Benefits of a New Bathroom

The Benefits of a New Bathroom

When contemplating home improvements, the bathroom is typically one of the first rooms in a house that people look to modernise. Over time bathrooms become rundown and jaded but a stylish redesign will not only transform the overall aesthetic but also deliver a host of added benefits.

At Cutting Edge Carpentry in Worcester, we’ve compiled the lowdown on what a new bathroom can achieve for your home.

Save Water and a Wedge
Installing innovative bathroom fittings like a dual flush toilet, water-saving taps or shower heads immediately saves thousands of litres of water. Which, in turn, will put a few extra quid in your pocket. Water rates in Worcester rose on average by 4% in 2017 and will most likely continue to rise for the foreseeable future. Bathrooms that use modern water saving technology will help offset some of this cost.

Potentially Increase the Value of Your Home
Investing in a new bathroom can add value to your home so that by the time you sell your home, your bathroom should have paid for itself. Whether you opt for contemporary or traditional remodeling, a prospective homeowner will likely find a stylish redesigned suite far more appealing than one that looks neglected and outdated; making your home easier to sell.

Extra Storage and Cleanliness
Carefully designing a new bathroom enables you to create a space entirely suited to your needs. Clever layouts will help open up the space allowing for extra cabinetry leaving your vanity tops free of clutter. Wall facing toilets, freestanding baths, and modern wall coverings that use minimal grout can spare hours of laborious cleaning giving you more time to relax in your new bathroom.